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In-Home Plumbing Plus Program

Little leaks. Big bills.

Don’t get stuck with huge plumbing hassles and bills. Get protection from the In-Home Plumbing Plus program and we’ll handle the repair and cover the costs.

What's Covered

  1. Interior drainage pipes
  2. Interior supply system piping
  3. Toilets (including caulking, seals, supply lines, shutoff valves, wax ring)
  4. Sink faucets (including caulking, seals, supply lines, shutoff valves)
  5. Garbage disposals
  6. Broken water pipe hidden behind walls and ceilings
  7. Blocked or slow shower drains
  8. Clogged laundry drain line
  9. Leaking water supply line
  10. Leaking washing machine valve
  11. Burst water pipe joint
  12. Clogged sink
  13. Blocked or overflowing toilet
  14. Leaking water shut off valve