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Sewer Line Unlimited Protection Program

Sewer line issues can wreck yards. And budgets.

A repair to your sewer line is not only messy and time-consuming; it’s expensive (and typically not covered by your homeowners insurance). With AWR, you’ll be protected from a surprise sewer line repair bill and hassle. Don’t waste time. Just enroll.

What's Covered

  1. Clogs and blockages
  2. Permits
  3. Excavating
  4. Equipment
  5. Backfilling holes
  6. Reseeding yard
35205. Change


Frequently Asked Questions

A. American Water Resources (AWR) was selected by the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) as the service line protection provider for its homeowner customers. AWR has been offering peace of mind to customers by providing protection for their water and sewer service lines through its service line protection programs since 2000. These protection programs help protect customers from the unexpected repair costs associated with water and sewer line repairs.

A. Your sewer service line runs underneath your property. The sewer service line runs from your home to the sewer main under the street. Homeowners are typically responsible for the sewer line that runs through their property. Typical sewer line responsibility extends from the sewer main to your home. Your responsibilities may vary. If you live in a dwelling like a condo, please contact your local homeowners’ association to determine your responsibilities.

A. This optional protection covers repairs to the sewer line for clogs and blockages.** Covered repairs will be made quickly by local, insured independent plumbing contractors. **Protection does not include a septic tank or the components thereof and other exclusions apply, see Terms and Conditions for details.

A. Any residential homeowner who is responsible for the water and sewer service lines attached to their home.

A. The Protection Program does not cover issues occurring before your coverage effective date. Your coverage effective date and protection under the program begins 30 days after your enrollment date.

A. If you have a service line problem, call AWR at 1-888-891-9920; do not call your own plumbing contractor. AWR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call

A. You can find coverage information outlined in the Terms & Conditions linked under the program name on this page.