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Sewer Line Unlimited Protection Program

Sewer line issues can wreck yards. And budgets.

A repair to your sewer line is not only messy and time-consuming; it’s expensive (and typically not covered by your homeowners insurance). With AWR, you’ll be protected from a surprise sewer line repair bill and hassle. Don’t waste time. Just enroll.

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What's Covered

  1. Clogs and blockages
  2. Permits
  3. Excavating
  4. Equipment
  5. Backfilling holes
  6. Reseeding yard
  7. Inspections


A. AWR provides protection from the unexpected. We offer programs to cover the big repairs that your homeowner’s policy typically doesn’t cover. Since the year 2000, we have grown to provide protection for over 1 million homeowners. American Water Resources is an independent third-party provider of optional home protection programs. American Water Resources is a trademark of American Water and used under license. AWR’s optional programs are not provided by American Water or its affiliates. We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 90% approval rating from our customer claim satisfaction surveys.

A. It’s a protection plan that covers repairs to a clogged, blocked, or leaking sewer pipe – and fast. Because a blocked sewer can lead to a sewage overflow in your home. We even cover basic site restoration.

A. Because sewer lines are an integral part of your home, and they can be prone to problems. Your homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover them, meaning you’re responsible if there’s a problem. The Sewer Line Protection Program from AWR protects you from those costly repair bills – and takes away the hassle of dealing with them.

A. Most homeowners insurance policies typically don’t cover repairs to your sewer line. That sewer pipe is all on you. But it could be on us, if you enroll in AWR’s Sewer Line Protection Program and let us handle the mess and cost.

A. You can sign up and pay monthly or annually with convenient options like credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover). *Payment options vary by state.

A. You can enroll through our site or call us at 1-888-891-9920.

A. Little symptoms like clogged toilets and backed-up drains can be a sign there’s a problem. If you see signs, you can just call AWR and we can help determine if there is a problem, and then get it fixed if needed.

A. Call 1-888-891-9920 immediately. We’re here 24/7 if you have a repair claim or any other question.

A. Sewer lines are pesky; they’re highly vulnerable to problems like tree roots growing into the line and clogging it. Or sometimes there’s just too much waste and the sewer is blocked up. From toilets and showers to disposals and sinks, you really put your sewer through a lot. Make sure it’s protected with AWR.

A. Owners of residential homes (single-family or townhouse) are eligible. If you live in a condo, check with your HOA to see if you’re responsible for your sewer line.

A. The Protection Program is for a 12-month term that will automatically renew on an annual basis if you are paying annually by credit card or on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time.

A. You can find coverage information outlined in the Terms & Conditions linked under the program name on this page.


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