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Small Cities, Villages & Utilities
Partnership Opportunities



AWR’s protection programs for Yonkers are designed to meet the needs of the community’s infrastructure replacement and notice of violations repair requirements.




Our partnership focus for Township of Monroe is to provide as much direct value as possible to the consumer including enhanced restoration for the claim area as well as a focus on affordability.




The AWR partnership with City of Wilmington layers coordination of infrastructure replacement with the city along with our standard programs; exterior water and sewer line protection programs and interior plumbing lines. We continue to engage in community events to ensure we address the needs of all residents.




AWR’s partnership with Central States Water Resources offers service line protection programs for underserved communities.




Dundee is a small village in Monroe County, Michigan approximately 60 miles outside Detroit. AWR provides service line protection programs to this small community including a large portion of senior citizens. Our AWR service team is always available to answer questions for this highly engaged group.