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Discovering a flooded basement isn’t something most people would considerable fun or enjoyable. When it happens in your home, you may be left scrambling, not knowing how to take care of the problem or who to call for help. Fortunately, however, when you’re enrolled in the Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Program from American Water Resources, we have your back in these unexpected (and unwanted) situations!

“I walked downstairs to find my basement covered in water…”

Audrey B. of Philadelphia, Pa., was already enrolled in the Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Program when she discovered a flooded basement under her family’s home. “Unsure of why, but certain it was a sewer/plumbing issue since it’s not raining, I called AWR and explained the problem. They told me they’d send someone to fix the problem.”

Even though it was the weekend after Thanksgiving, Audrey knew she could count on the friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives at American Water Resources to help her locate a trusted repair provider in the Philly area to get the problem resolved — and resolved fast.

“Literally 45 minutes later, [the service provider] showed up, discovered a clog, cleared it, and went on their merry way in 15 minutes.”

The professional repair provider arrived at Audrey’s home less than an hour after her initial phone call. They were able to quickly diagnose the cause of the clog and get it fixed in a timely manner so that this busy Philadelphian could get to work on cleaning up the mess in her basement. We can’t ensure that all service calls will be handled as quickly as Audrey’s, but her positive experience made an impression.

“Although cleaning up a [leaky] basement was no fun […] not having to think about who to call to diagnose and fix the problem on a Sunday holiday weekend made this problem so much more bearable,” she explained.

Want to be like Audrey?

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