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This time of year, you may have a few get-togethers planned with family and close friends, and you may decide to whip up tasty entrees and sweet desserts for your guests. If you’re someone who loves trying new recipes and preparing dishes for those closest to you, then you already know how much you depend on your kitchen during your meal prep — especially your kitchen sink!

Peggy M. is an American Water Resources customer in Yonkers, New York. She would consider herself to be someone who enjoys entertaining guests for the holidays in her home, even if it may be a huge chore! When her kitchen sink clogged up one day and wouldn’t drain, she knew exactly what to do. She didn’t panic, and she also didn’t try to look online to contact a plumber on her own.

Instead, Peggy called the AWR customer support line for assistance. This satisfied customer is enrolled in AWR’s In-Home Plumbing Program and Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Program. She told the customer service representative that her kitchen sink was clogged, and she needed someone to come diagnose and take care of the problem as soon as possible.

“Great people came [and] identified the cause of my stuffed-up kitchen sink drain. [They] called in bigger equipment to resolve it [and] cleaned up when they left 4 hours later … I would highly recommend this company to everyone!” said Peggy, who once again enjoys the use of her functioning kitchen sink.

Want to be like Peggy?

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