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Many homeowners do not realize what they’re typically responsible for when it comes to their property’s water and sewer service lines. They may even mistakenly believe that standard homeowners’ insurance will cover clogs, blockages, burst pipes, leaks, and other service line issues that require immediate attention. However, that’s typically not the case. As a homeowner, it’s up to you to understand what is and isn’t covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. This way, you know what you’re liable for if a problem pops up.

When repairs are required for water and sewer service lines, it’s not uncommon for the entire project to cost thousands of dollars. This includes fees for the repair itself, as well as excavation, backfill, and landscaping work that may be required. Many homeowners may be left scrambling to try and cover that kind of repair bill. They may even have to dip into their family’s emergency fund, or put the bill on a credit card and rack up high interest charges to spread out the payments.

How can a homeowner protect their budget when it comes to a water or sewer line problem?

American Water Resources offers an affordable Water and Sewer Line Protection Program. When a homeowner is enrolled in the plan and a covered problem occurs with the service lines between their home and the utility mains, our network of trained, experienced, and knowledgeable service providers are ready to help.

Our Water and Sewer Line Protection Program provides repair coverage for leaks and breaks of a covered water service line, and repairs to leaks, clogs and blockages of a covered sewer service line, caused by normal wear and tear. American Water Resources takes care of the costs of permits required to excavate and complete covered repairs, plus backfilling, raking/leveling and seeding the excavated portion of a customer’s property. The program also covers restoration of public sidewalks and roadways if they’re excavated to complete a covered repair. And we follow-up with an inspection of a customer’s sewer line after a covered repair.

Here’s what a satisfied customer had to say about our home protection coverage!

Tammy S. of southern Illinois is enrolled in our Water and Sewer Line Protection Program and had this to say about her recent experience working with our team of professionals: “We used this program when our front water main broke between the road and our house. At first panic set in, but then I remembered we had this program and instant stress free. They took care of everything. And the service provider they sent was so personable and helpful. They left the yard looking so nice and we had no issues. This program is worth its weight in gold. I suggested it to all my friends after we used it and even invested more in other programs they provided.”

Want to be like Tammy?

Visit us online and enter your ZIP code on the home page to see the home protection programs and pricing available in your area. Have questions or concerns regarding payment options or billing? Feel free to call us 24/7 at 855-800-5195, or you can chat live with a customer care representative by clicking the Live Chat tab on the right side of the page.