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“Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Monterey has been working with American Water Resources since 2007. The staff at American Water Resources is knowledgeable, professional and great to work with and they truly seem to understand the challenges that our plumbing technicians face in the field.

American Water Resources has helped us grow our business by introducing our company to customers that we may not have had the opportunity to work for. These same customers not only use our company for sewer and water related plumbing issues, but also for their other plumbing and heating needs. We also appreciate how quickly American Water Resources provides payment after the work has been completed.

American Water Resources places a high priority on how well their contractors are serving their customers, and has ongoing training and communication with their contractors to insure that their customers are receiving a high level of plumbing service. This commitment to the customer goes hand and hand with one of our core values at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, which is to provide the customer with a higher level of plumbing service than they would expect.

I would highly recommend American Water Resources to any plumbing contractor who is seeking to partner with a professional company that will help them grow their business by gaining new customers, keeping their technicians busy, and receiving prompt payment after the work has been completed." Shelly, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing



“Joining the AWR team 2 years ago has been the best decision I’ve made in over 30 years of business. The partnership has increased my sales. Also, with AWR’s encouragement and direction I’ve been able to expand my business in new areas adding to my bottom line. It’s been great working with AWR and their customers who have been grateful and happy with the AWR experience.” Randy, The Drain Doctor



“We could not be happier in working with AWR – they have been great! We both have the same beliefs of what customer service is all about, whether that be in quality of material used or in timely response to the customer. We have no complaints at all and have worked with other companies before that were not of their caliber. The biggest and most important difference that we have seen is in AWR’s staff knowledge of plumbing services. This expertise is needed to help expedite the job at hand. I strongly recommend other contractors to take advantage of the opportunity if they are offered to join the AWR team.” Richard, Stemler & Sons Plumbing



“Becoming an American Water Resources contractor has opened the door to potential new clients.  When we perform a service under the direction of AWR, those clients already view us as a trusted contractor because we are there on behalf of AWR.  When additional services are required and are not covered by AWR, those clients usually retain us to perform the additional services.  Our client base has definitely increased as a direct result of becoming an AWR contractor.
The staff at AWR is professional and easy to speak with.  Any time I may have a question or concern, they are there to assist me.  The additional training webinars hosted by AWR is beneficial to my company whether I am dealing with AWR or our own customers.

Working with AWR has been a pleasant experience and I intend on remaining an AWR contractor for years to come.”  Kelli, Flowmaster Plumbing


New Jersey

“AWR has been a great partner to my business. Not only do they bring in customers so that I don’t have to pay for marketing expenses, but they are prompt in payment and don’t dictate rates. They really are great to work with.” Jeff, Jeff Young's Water and Sewer



“In the beginning, I was a little nervous about joining the AWR network. Yet after about a year, I didn’t need to find my own customers and I was able to hire additional techs to meet the demand.  The support system that American Water Resources has in place for the contractors is there to help you.  They make you feel part of a team.” Joseph, Total Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, Inc.


“Becoming an AWR contractor is without a doubt the best thing I've done in all my plumbing years. There are many reasons why I say this, but I will give you just a few to give some insight of what a great company AWR is:

  1. The work is dispatched directly to you ie. Name, address, and type of repair.
  2. AWR claims specialists are all very kind and will assist in any questions that may arise during or after your job.
  3. Working for AWR is self fulfilling. It’s not everyday we as contractors are noticed and recognized for doing our best.
  4. AWR has monthly surveys that AWR customers send in and through this we as contractors can strengthen our weaknesses and build on our positive areas. This enables us to become better plumbers.
  5. AWR is a rapidly growing company and being a part of it is about more than just making a living; for me it is truly an honor to be on board with the very best of people.

Working for American Water Resources is living the American Dream.”  John's Plumbing Express